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Shawn Meaike - Psychology of the Sale


Ready before your 1st appointment:

1. Tablet device to sign e-apps

2. E-App Logins: Americo, MOO, AIG

3. Print 5 of these: Credibility Sheet & Financial Inventory, Client Profile

4. Links to Carrier Quoting Tools

Training Video On Checklist



Part 1 - In Home PresentationPaul McClain
00:00 / 40:57
Part 2 - In Home PresentationPaul McClain
00:00 / 1:28:24
Part 1 - In Home ScenariosPaul McClain
00:00 / 1:36:38
Part 2 - In Home ScenariosPaul McClain
00:00 / 32:18

How To Sell Insurance 

When value exceeds price, people buy.

This page is going to be an invaluable resource for you to learn how to sell different type of life insurance leads as well as learn information you can carry with you into any appointment. The best way to teach this to you is for you to dig in and watch the training videos of top producers...No one lucks out or guesses their way to $400k a year…So if you focus on these trainings, take copious notes, and implement the word tracks you learn - You will make a lot of money.


Devour It, Revisit It Often and Share it with Your Team.


Paul McClain - In Home Mindset

Grady Polcyn - New Agent Goals


The premise of a mortgage protection is utilizing the value of a home, equity within it, and the pain of losing it if an income producing family member dies to sell life insurance.

#1 Producer Training By Jonathan Porcena

complete presentation with Grady Polcyn

In Home Presentation

Paul McClain - Mock In Home

Zac Twardowski - FEX/MTG In Home

Jake Konen - Cementing The Sale

Josh Williams - How to Sell Insurance

"What most people do is they want to put something in place, so that if you died or became disabled yesterday, money would come into the family today to take care of the mortgage."

Frank Eufemia - In Home Presentation

Linda Lampasso - In Home Training

Nick Stahl - Financial Inventory

Linda Lampasso - Financial Inventory


The premise of a Final Expense Life Insurance is putting a policy in force that will help offset the burden of final expenses for the surviving family. Some final expense costs include, burial, cremation, transportation, credit cards, other loan balances, and ultimately loss of income for the surviving partner. 

In addition, often times legacy creation is a goal in final expense sales in order to leave extra money to the children or grandchildren to help set them up financially with a last love letter gift from their passing family member. 

Paul McClain - FEX In Home

Funeral Plan vs. Final Expense

Tiffany Gruenberg - FEX Close

Marc Meade - Final Expense In Home

"What most people do is they want to put something in place, so that if you died or became terminally ill yesterday, money would come in to the family today to eliminate any debts and financial burdens associated with your illness or death."


Julius Gilgur - Objection Handling

Matt Smith - Social Security Close

Nick Stahl - Policy Cancellation Calls

Matt Smith - Already Have Coverage

Nick Stahl - I Need To Think About It

Paul McClain - Future Draft Dates

Jamie Chirio - Five Main Objections

Advanced Sales Concepts

Matt Smith - Mortgage Protection Close

Nick Stahl - Cash Back Close

How To Sell Mortgage Protection To Seniors

Watch the training video with Mickey Taylor teaching this concept...


A policy that gives their beneficiary 6-12-18 months of mortgage payments so the family has time to decide what to do with the house: Move in, rent, sell, or wait to sell if the market is down.

Find out what the monthly payments is, then multiply it by 6, 12, 18 to show them three options...Talk to your manager about which carriers to quote.

How To Sell Mortgage Protection Like Frank E.

Frank Eufemia is a Hall of Fame Producer and one of the best at selling Mortgage Protection in all of FFL. 


This is his Americo HMS 25yr CBO presentation. It’s the best way to sell MTG protection leads - He is the best in the company, watch this, study this, learn this.

—> This was recorded LIVE at the Dallas Convention in 2018 and the next week I wrote $5K in a day from watching this. Enjoy :)


"We can’t decide right now but if you were to qualify, which option would be the most comfortable for you?"

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