Use this in every home, with every lead type, and fill out completely on every appointment.

Show this to every client while gathering quotes for HMS Term.

Use this to gather referrals when you give a client a prescription discount card.

Print this out and give to every Final Expense Lead and Whole Life Client.

Step by step guide to properly set the table in-home.

Give this to your clients once their application has been accepted.

Use this to help you decide which carrier to go with. 

Use this to keep accurate records of your clients. 

Use this to reassure your clients that they are putting their trust in the right person to protect their family.

Use this form when a client, spouse, or dependent are refusing or canceling coverage.

Use this to track your dials and appointments booked each week.

Use this to gather referrals from your clients after you protect them.

This is a breakdown of the average cost of cremation and burial services.

Use this to get referral information from clients.

Use this to get the information for your client's emergency contacts.

Use this to educate your clients on what to do if another sales rep contacts them about their policy.